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Top 10 Kitchen Toxins

Posted by on Feb 24, 2023 in Articles

It’s amazing (yet scary) how many common food items in our kitchen are poisonous to our pets! Some of these food items, while safe to you, may cause serious problems if ingested by our dogs and cats. Here is the list of kitchen products that the veterinarians at Pet Poison Helpline recommend keeping away from pets.

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Top 10 Human Medications Poisonous to Pets

Posted by on Feb 24, 2023 in Articles

Pet owners who are serious about pet-proofing their home should start with their own medicine cabinet. Nearly 50% of all calls received by Pet Poison Helpline involve human medications – both over-the-counter and prescription. Whether Fido accidentally chewed into a pill bottle or a well-intentioned pet owner accidentally switched medication (giving their pet a human medication), pet poisonings due to human medications are common and can be very serious.

Below is a list of the top 10 human medications most frequently ingested by pets, along with some tips from the veterinarians at Pet Poison Helpline on how to prevent pet poisoning from human medications.

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Declining Populations of Eastern Box Turtles

Posted by on Sep 24, 2021 in Articles

Eastern box turtles are one of the most recognized and beloved turtles found throughout the state of Virginia. Often seen traveling along hiking trails and other wooded areas, their brightly colored shells and docile nature are a familiar sight to behold.

While still common in many areas, the overall population of eastern box turtles in certain states has been steadily declining. So much so, that the Commonwealth of Virginia recently imposed a new ban, effective July 2021— eastern box turtles can no longer be taken from the wild and kept as pets.

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Prepare Your Pets for Disasters

Posted by on Jun 7, 2021 in Articles

As you prepare for emergencies, make sure you have a plan for Fluffy and Fido, too. If sudden emergencies or storms arise, evacuation or sheltering will be less stressful for you and your family, including your pets if you have a plan in place.

You may need to evacuate quickly, so having all the pet supplies you need and a safe place for your pets to ride out the storm will make them more comfortable. Talking with your vet or friends who have pets can give you some ideas and advice on how to plan
for these emergencies.

Here are some tips to keep your furry friends safe.

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