At Home Pet Care’s clients highly recommend Ellen. See what they have to say.

We would definitely agree with other reviewers who say that Ellen goes way beyond the call of duty. She has been taking care of our cats for a good five years. She takes her job very seriously and keeps us posted via phone/text/email about any concerns/situations. We are very privileged to have found Ellen and we always feel at ease knowing that our cats and house are in good hands. Thank you Ellen.
— Sylvie & Bill

You are the most AWESOME animal caregiver this side of the Blue Ridge! My wife and I grew up in northern Virginia and have moved all over this country. You, Ellen Berg, are without a doubt, the BEST of the BEST! You are conscientious, caring, honest, trustworthy, and filled with innate animal wisdom and love. Our 4 legged kids, Tillie and Marty, love you!
— Ken

Ellen Berg is a much-appreciated animal care giver. When you must be away, she will look after virtually any animals you keep as pets, from horses to hamsters. She has even given special care to some of my special-needs pets when I had to be away. Once, she got a vet when she detected a problem with one of my horses — avoiding a more serious problem. She knows the business and she really loves the animals.
— Demaris

I’ll happily tell anyone who will listen that I wholeheartedly recommend Ellen — for careful, kind, reliable care of four-legs, large and small, and lots of other kinds of work at which she is skilled. I have worked with Ellen for a number of years, most recently as caretaker for my donkeys and goats when I am traveling. She is honest and reliable to a fault, meticulous in establishing each relationship to make certain she can step in on a moment’s notice and always do the right thing for the animals and their needs, and is very reasonable in her charges for all this top-quality service. Once you are an established client, you can call her at the last minute to take care of your animals on very short notice (emergencies, unanticipated situations). I never worry one moment about the quality of her attention or her reliability, regardless of weather complications, power outages, or any difficulty that presents itself. She actually enjoys the animals, and I think they know it, which adds a comfort level for the owner. And, did I mention reasonable cost? The short version of all the above is I feel lucky and confident when Ellen is on the job, and I believe my animals are, too.
— Alexia

Ellen has taken care of our animals for over five years, including two special needs cats who need insulin and other medications. She has a permanent key to our house, and is on record at our veterinarian to have full authority to make decisions. There is no one else I would trust to take care of our animals.
— Gail

We have been Ellen’s customers for over two years now, since we moved to Little Washington. We have four critters: a nine-year-old Golden, a seven-year-old Golden and two young rescue cats. We could not survive without Ellen. She is absolutely, hands-down, the best pet sitter we have ever had (and we’ve had pets for over 25 years). She is completely reliable, kind, funny, resourceful, conscientious and trustworthy. Our animals LOVE her. The house is kept immaculate. She has helped us out in emergencies with only a few hours of notice. She is comfortable with giving medication and treats! I can’t say enough about Ellen. You would be very fortunate indeed to have her services and so would your animals.
— Susan

To say that Ellen goes beyond the call of duty is an understatement. She’s been taking care of our cats for several years and has encountered many obstacles in our absence, including an earthquake, flood and fire. She is prepared for any situation and takes her job seriously. When our house was struck by lightning and caught fire, Ellen was a beacon of strength, keeping us posted via phone about the situation and serving as go-between with the fire department for us as we made our way back home. Our neighbors had gotten our cats out of the house just before Ellen arrived and she also spent hours searching through the fields and woods for the terrified girls. She not only found them, but took them home with her, where they were treated like gold. You will find no one more responsible and caring to entrust your pets and home to. They broke the mold with Ellen.
— Jim

Ellen is an amazing care giver! Goes over and above on everything you agree on. She has been our house sitter and animal “angel” even before she was official! I never worry when Ellen is there.
— Barbara

Ellen recently took care of our dog for a couple of days in our house. Clearly, she was very comfortable with meeting our dog and it was evident that our dog felt comfortable with her. She was thorough, caring and fun to deal with. I’d hire her again without any reservations.
— Margot