Pet Sitter
Farm Sitter
Dog Walker
Dog Sitter
Cat Sitter
Pet Transporter
Shows, groomers, veterinarians, boarding kennels, weddings, my facility
Board at My Facility
(Not a licensed kennel.) Done as a service for ill animals, post-surgical, puppies, dogs with separation anxiety, puppies in training, special needs pets, medical needs pets, day boarder for people going on hikes and need a temporary place to board dogs, bottle feed newborn pups/kittens, dogs in heat
Pets – medical – e.g. diabetics
• Administer shots, administer medications, change dressings, pills, shots, dogs in heat
• Trained in Pet First Aid.
• Buy food (if needed)
• Pick up medications/prescriptions
Horses, Goats, Cows, Donkeys, Mules
• Hay Feed, Pill
• Grain Feed, Pill
A myriad of services!
• Feed
• Water
• Walk
• Cats – clean litter boxes
• Play
• Minor grooming (brushing)
• Chickens – Grain Feed, Lock Up (PM) & Let Out (AM)
• Cleaning – minor stall picking, bedding down
• Horse Blankets On/Off
• Horses – move barn to pasture or pasture to pasture
• Contact Farriers
• Contact Veterinarians
• Handle Emergencies – Animal Emergency Management Trained